We’re a Luton based Christian and Muslim charity working to strengthen resilience within faith communities against child sexual exploitation and other forms of harm. We challenge misleading and harmful messages that can surround child sexual exploitation and other safeguarding circumstances. We offer bespoke training sessions for charities, public sector professionals, faith leaders and families, and workshops for young people.

'They believe this' RSE Research

Taking pupils’ religious backgrounds into account in Relationships and Sex Education

Our research project explored how 15-19 year olds, those with and without religious faith, experience Relationships and Sex Education and their perspectives on whether and how it should take religious faith into account.

Read more about this and upcoming work: Research 

Working with Young People

Exploring identity and value, communication, and healthy and safe behavious and scenarios

We work with children and young people in school, faith and youth work settings, using themes from our faiths to encourage discussion, build confidence and identify positive ways to navigate common teenage circumstances.

Read more about our workshops: Young People

Bespoke Training and Support

CPD accredited training in Child Sexual Exploitation, Safeguarding and Prejudice, and Identity and Inclusion

Our courses nurture understanding across different communities and services, centering those who are vulnerable to abuse. We build knowledge and facilitate dialogue around exploitation and safeguarding practice, highlighting the importance of accounting for identity and embedding inclusive practices.

What Faith Can Offer a Secular Society #InterfaithWeek

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Introducing Nigel Taylor

It is a tremendous privilege to join the team at FACES in October 2021 as a part-time project coordinator. I attended the launch of FACES

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