Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACES) is Luton based Christian and Muslim partnership that’s been working to strengthen resilience in faith communities and enhance child sexual exploitation awareness since 2016. We’re a volunteer-led organisation and we focus on offering training, running youth workshops and challenging misleading and damaging messages in the discourse surrounding child sexual exploitation. As a faith-based organisaiton, we centre our values of compassion, justice, and peace throughout our work.

People trained

We’ve trained people across England in child sexual explotiation and on the impacts prejudice has on safeguarding. This includes people from mosques, churches, schools, voluntary and community groups and local authority services.

Young people engaged

We worked with children and young people in school, faith and youth work settings, using themes from our faith to explore ideas around value and identity, communication and healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Partner organisations

We’re a partnership of churches, mosques and Christian and Muslim charities and community groups based in Luton. We work across sectors with individuals and organisations to carry out our projects.


faiths against child sexual exploitation

When religious leaders fall

What do we do when a highly regarded and much loved spiritual leader falls? Specifically, when they are shown to have used their power and