What We Do

FACES strengthens resilience within faith communities and protects children by enhancing awareness and understanding of CSE and equipping faith organisations, parents and young people to better prevent, recognise and respond to CSE.

As part of our work we build cohesion between faith communities through interfaith events and activities that develop understanding and meaningful relationships and partnerships by recognising a common concern and cause for action.

Why We Do It

We acknowledge and reject the distorted suggestions that sexual exploitation is legitimised by religion and recognise that national stories portray cases in this disturbed way that particularly attack Muslim communities and Christian communities.

Research shows that victims and perpetrators of abuse are found in many different contexts yet media coverage has often ignored the breadth of the problem, choosing instead to fuel a narrow stereotype. The failure to challenge this is a disservice to the survivors of CSE and risks allowing fear to divide and damage our communities.

FACES acknowledges that faith communities have a critical role in addressing CSE and is committed to ensuring faith organisations are better equipped to prevent and respond to child sexual exploitation.

We seek to mobilise and equip others to take meaningful action against child sexual exploitation. The founding partnership includes representatives from Luton Council of Mosques, Luton Sunni Council of Mosques, Churches Together, Lantern, St Mary’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Discover Islam, Inspire FM, Youthscape and Azalea.