FACES is a partnership between active members of Muslim and Christian communities. As partners, we honour and value the contributions that our respective faiths bring towards responding to child sexual exploitation (CSE). This is reflected through each stage of our work including planning, consultation and delivery.

FACES is committed to preventing and responding to CSE in all its forms by utilising the compassion within our communities and equipping leaders and individuals to better recognise and deal with CSE.



Our work is built on a deep care and concern for the wellbeing of the wider, diverse community and is underpinned by our common values as Christians and Muslims. Compassion, justice, forgiveness, and caring about those in need through practical support are central elements to our work.


Our work is implemented with a compassion-centred approach. FACES never perpetuates or tolerates victim-blaming. We encourage having a complex understanding of CSE and its impact on survivors, families and perpetrators, and the recognition of the cycle of abuse. We recognise the sensitivity of the topic and the feelings of fear and sadness it can invoke in everybody, and construct our work to tackle problems of denial, blame and shame.


FACES supports justice for victims of CSE and actively works towards every child in our community having a safe, meaningful and just childhood. When adults are better equipped to act, children are better protected.


Part of addressing CSE lies in unpacking the distorted portrayal of racial and religious factors contributing to identifying perpetrators and victims. We experience the tension and hindrance in cohesion that this reinforces. Through our interfaith, inter-community work, we dismantle misconceptions and false understandings and rebuild fundamental awareness and practical knowledge of CSE that builds peace between our Muslim and Christian communities and between us and the wider community.