Our work is shaped and supported by representatives from several Christian and Muslim organisations in Luton. These organisations bring vital insight and outreach opportunities into faith communities, and provide critical expertise into youth work, sexual exploitation, women’s work and community and resource development.

Hope Church Luton

Hope Church serves the people of Luton – regardless of race or religion. Believing the Bible is still relevant today, its mission is to demonstrate that God cares in all sorts of ways.

St Mary’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

The centre was set up in 2016 to develop the work of members of St Mary’s & the wider church in Luton in working for peace, justice and reconciliation in Luton and beyond.


Lantern is a grassroots women’s organisation which seeks to support and amplify the voices of Muslim women and advocate for greater social, political and civic representation.


Youthscape is a national youth work organisation based in Luton working for the good of young people of all faiths and none.

Inspire FM

Inspire FM is a community radio station aimed at the local Muslim community, but heavily focused around engagement and promotion of shared understanding between communities

Luton Council of Mosques

Luton Council of Mosques was set up in 2002 as an umbrella organisations for a number Mosques across Luton. The council provides a platform for common working when interfacing with external organisations and improving collective standards.

Luton Sunni Council of Mosques

The Luton Sunni Council of Mosques was established in 2011 as an umbrella organisation which represents a significant body of Luton’s Muslim community.


Azalea is a charity that works with vulnerable women in Luton who have experienced or are still being affected by sexual exploitation. They run a drop-in centre for the victims to find a safe space and are supported with a wide range of services.

Churches Together

Churches Together represents 150 Churches in Luton, and provides a voice for the Church in community and civic matters.

Discover Islam

Discover Islam is a registered charity set up in 2011 to present Islam in a comfortable, social environment in order to build mutual respect and understanding across the towns diverse communities.