Who we are

We are a group of concerned Christian and Muslims from Luton who have come together to respond to the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) which has presented itself in different guises over the years.

As people of faith we have been disturbed by narratives that suggest that exploitation is legitimised by religion. Research shows that victims and perpetrators of abuse are found in all communities, and yet media coverage has often ignored the breadth of the problem, fuelling a narrow sterotype. If this is not challenged we do a disservice to the majority of victims, whose experiences of abuse don’t fit one particular profile – and we risk allowing fear to divide and damage our communities.

We recognise that abuse is real and we believe that faith communities can and should be part of the solution. Consequently, we have united to form Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACEs), and together seek to raise awareness of the issue and implement a proactive, victim centred approach to challenging the exploitation of children and young people whatever it is happening.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our Aims

We believe there are four particular needs facing Luton at this time.

  1. Increased awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation: amongst young people, parents, community groups and professionals working with or around children
  2. Local people to care and respond to the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation
  3. Greater empowerment for faith communities to prevent, recognise and respond to abuse
  4. Meaningful partnerships and greater trust across and within communities as we stand together against CSE

We want to play our part in mobilising people across Luton’s communities to effectively stand up against the sexual exploitation of children.

To get in touch please email us at operator.faces@gmail.com

Click here to download ‘Our Aims’ poster.