Focus Group Launch

FACES (Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation) are launching a series of 4 focus groups that will give you the opportunity to participate in our work. Come and join like-minded people for discussion, sharing ideas and helping to shape some of our training for different contexts. The focus groups will be:

  1. Youth in Mosques
  2. Youth in Churches
  3. Youth in Schools
  4. Fundraising strategy

Our first date is set for “Youth in Mosques” – May 2nd, 1pm @ Luton Central Mosque

Email: to book your place to attend this exciting workshop.

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Download our poster to advertise this event here.

Survivor Stories

These are case studies from research on CSE. They are voiced by actors, but the accounts are adapted from, and faithful to, victims’ real experiences.

#FACEit Update

Over 100 people attended our #FACEit Conference on 15th March and we would like to thank everybody who was involved. Members from local faith groups, businesses, the Council, Police, Schools, as well as charities such as the Children’s Society and Barnardos, were represented.

BBC Three Counties Radio covered the event and described it as a, “High-powered conference” and “Brilliantly run.” Listen to two clips from the show, which was broadcasted on Sunday 18th March 2018 here:

Our prominent speakers were very well received and their emotive and informative presentations made a huge impact on the audience. In particular, Sara Rowbotham’s honest account of her experiences in Rochdale gripped the listeners and brought many to tears.

One member of the public expressed, “It’s hard to believe this stuff actually happens. Luton needs you FACES.”

Several agencies applauded the work of FACES and expressed their desire to work together to safeguard young people.

We have been encouraged by the influx of positive enthusiasm for our work to continue and are expectant about the strong partnerships that are forming.

To support the work of FACES financially so that we can keep running, please find bank details here: STANDING ORDER FORM

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#FACEit Conference

FACES are pleased to announce our upcoming conference, headlined “#FACEit.” The aim of this conference is to raise awareness about our recent work, inform participants about the realities of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Luton and invite partnerships that will help develop and mobilise our aims.

We have an exciting timetable for the evening, including a report from our local survey in Luton from within faith communities and insights from our guest speaker Sara Rowbotham (BBC series Three Girls was based on her work in Rochdale).

If you are interested in attending this event in Luton, please contact: