We currently offer our Teen Programme to schools, churches and mosques. The three, two-hour workshops encourage young people to share experiences and ideas to explore perceptions, communication and relationships.

If you’d like to find out more about our projects or inquire about us running sessions in your setting, please contact admin@faces.org.uk.


Feedback from young people

I feel grateful for what I have after listening and sitting in today’s session. I have a better understanding of what and who I am.

This session was good, we liked that you understood us as Muslim, teenage girls that also want to experience ‘normal teenage things’. We also have a voice to show that we are nice Muslims not bad as stereotypes are used against us. It’s hard to be a Muslim teenager as they say teenage years are the hardest – we are just curious.

These sort of sessions make me feel better about myself and it tells me my worth. They’re interesting and gives us a lot of information.

I learnt that being different doesn’t mean you’re bad or not valuable.

I really liked this session, and it was fun, I understood what I am worth and I loved the hadith that were mentioned, it really impacted me spiritually and mentally. Thank you very much.