“FACES is an inspiring initiative which is spearheaded by inspiring individuals. It is important for all faiths to come together to eradicate CSE. It is heartening to see a town being proactive as opposed to reactive in respect of stamping out sexual abuse.” – Siobhán Crawford, Child Abuse Lawyer, Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors.

“I was very honoured to be invited to the FACES conference and hear about the progress FACES has made within Luton so far. Working with faith communities to prevent CSE is extremely important. I have come away feeling very inspired to see how we could continue to work alongside FACEs in the future.” – Sarah Hegarty, The Children’s Society.
“I love that the event was tailored to the audience (Muslim/South Asian) and there was cultural sensitivity.” – Muslim participant, Birmingham.
“The ‘Breaking The Silence’ course made a significant impact on me as a local youth leader because it made me aware that I needed to facilitate conversations with my young people about CSE and healthy relationships. The training gave me confidence to approach the issue with a secure understanding and empowered me to respond to concerns. I was also able to see how to provide a safe place for those who may have been affected by CSE. It was helpful from a faith perspective to know how to talk about CSE and have the support of the community because this is an issue usually hidden in the shadows.” – Youth Worker, Luton.
“Inspiring and passionate speakers who made a difficult subject approachable.” – Muslim Youth Worker, Birmingham.
“The youth lessons were excellent at building confidence in young people and giving them plenty of opportunity to talk freely about identity and relationship issues, whilst encouraging them to think critically. Lessons like these are necessary because otherwise faith groups can shy away from dealing with uncomfortable issues and we miss out on properly caring for young people.” – Church Youth Worker, Luton.
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