We offer accredited training courses and workshops for charities, schools, families, faith leaders, and public and private sector professionals.

Throughout our courses, we centre those most vulnerable to abuse and harm and highlight the importance of accounting for identity, supporting inclusive practices which better safeguard all children and at-risk groups.

Our broad experience working with children and at-risk groups; as faith leaders, teachers and parents; and with charities and schools improving safeguarding practices including in governing and leadership positions, compliments and contextualises our academic knowledge.

Our training is CPD accredited, developed by a team with a range of professional and academic experience, informed by evidence and local knowledge, and delivered by experienced facilitators. We aim to keep our training affordable, accessible and valuable to organisations of all sizes.

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Safeguarding: Working with Refugees

Sat 18th November 10:00-16:00

2.5 hrs online + 6 hrs in-person

Identity and Inclusion

9 hrs
£ 149
  • Improve practice around racial, religious and other forms of prejudice and inclusion
  • Improve knowledge and confiendce for meaningful dialogue
  • Equip organisations to better account for difference in the delivery of their services

Safeguarding and Prejudice

3 hrs
£ 99
  • Increase understanding of how prejudice can impact safeguarding
  • Improve ability to recognise prejudicial responses
  • Improve confidence in managing own prejudice

Child Sexual Exploitation

3 hrs
£ 99
  • Improve knowledge of child sexual exploitation
  • Improve understanding around things that can affect how abuse is perceived and responded to
  • Includes considerations for safeguarding marginalised communities

Faith Sensitive Relationships and Sex Education

6 hrs
£ 120
  • Develop understanding about what faith sensitive RSE looks like in light of statutory guidance
  • Recognise challenges in accounting for diversity and explore solutions
  • Enhance understanding of young people's views around RSE

Safeguarding: Working with Refugees

8.5 hrs
  • Build a comprehensive understanding of signs and and types of abuse
  • Review of refugee-specific risk and scenarios
  • Address the influence of social norms and attitudes on safeguarding capacity
  • Be equipped to develop organisational practices

It was good to get honest differing of opinions which enabled me to reflect on my own thought and prejudices.

I love that the event was tailored to the audience and there was cultural sensitivity.

Stories are so much more powerful when they are shared by the people that they happened to.

Inspiring and passionate speakers who made a difficult subject approachable.