Safeguarding and Prejudice Training

CPD safeguarding training lutonAudience: Adults with a safeguarding responsibility

Duration: 3 hours

Accreditation: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Previous knowledge: Basic safeguarding

This training is a development opportunity for people who work with diverse groups of young people, and will better equip learners to manage possible biases and prejudices, and incorporate a nuanced understanding into their safeguarding practice.

A young person’s identity; their gender, faith, culture or ethnicity can be a factor in how professionals and other adults engage with them and respond to safeguarding concerns. In contexts where there is diversity between practitioners and decision makers, and young people, the presence of unconscious and conscious bias and prejudice may be more likely, which can increase barriers to identifying safeguarding concerns and shaping appropriate responses.

Government policy on child sexual exploitation states: ‘Engaging with diversity: The evidence base demonstrates that some cohorts of children and young people – … Black and Minority Ethnic children, for example – may be less likely to have their abuse identified or responded to. Local areas should ensure responses are accessible, relevant and sensitive to the needs of all children and young people.’ (Child sexual exploitation, Department for Education 2017)

In line with the policy, our training promotes an attitude to ‘support reflective practice and help practitioners recognise where personal values and attitudes might be leading to risky practice, assumptions or ‘blind spots’, and work towards ensuring young people ‘have support that is tailored to their specific circumstances and needs, for example, support that recognises their culture or faith…’ (Child sexual exploitation, Department for Education 2017)

Misconceptions around faith and ethnicity and other parts of children’s identity have resulted in safeguarding failures that have been detailed in inquiries into high profile cases of child sexual exploitation. Misconceptions can be due to prejudice, and being able to explore and discuss our potential prejudice is an important step towards minimising the impact it has on protecting children.

Training costs will vary depending on our current funding and number of learners. All learners will receive a CPD accredited certificate.

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