Author: Tony Thompson

What faith can offer secular society

Recently we recorded a vlog that sought to answer the question, what can faith offer secular society? This is something worth spending time on as it lies at the heart [...]
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complex social issues human learning systems

Dealing with Complex Social Challenges

This year we have been supported massively by the Tudor Trust, and back in June I attended a stimulating day devoted to complex social challenges that was hosted by the [...]
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forgiveness in the context of abuse

Forgiveness in the Context of Abuse

Child abuse is an issue in just about every community, it would seem no-one can be complacent even faith communities, even Christian faith communities to which I belong. Everyone is [...]
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I am a church leader in his 60s who is continually understanding how much he still must learn. Over the last few years I have discovered lots about prejudice, especially my own. [...]
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