Our Teen Programme involves three, two hour workshops. The programme has three versions that are tailored for single-faith (Christian or Muslim) and mixed groups including young people of no faith. The workshops are titled ‘Valuing Identity’, ‘Let’s Talk’, and ‘Understanding Relationships’.

We recognise the importance of young people having a strong sense of who they are and what they want to be, separate from how they may be perceived or how different parts of society may ‘tell’ them they should be. We explore value, identity, communication and healthy and unhealthy situations, creating spaces for honest and open discussions where different experiences and views can be shared and addressed in appropriate ways.

Our programme aims to promote confidence and self-esteem, better communication, and understanding around healthy and safe environments. By supporting young people to be confident and able to communicate well, we encourage them to reach out if they feel they or their peers are in vulnerable situations. This is done while recognising our responsibility to safeguard, rather than placing expectations on young people to protect themselves.

To organise the delivery of our Teen Programme in your setting contact admin@faces.org.uk.