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Introducing Nigel Taylor

It is a tremendous privilege to join the team at FACES in October 2021 as a part-time project coordinator. I attended the launch of FACES


What faith can offer secular society

Recently we recorded a vlog that sought to answer the question, what can faith offer secular society? This is something worth spending time on as

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faiths against child sexual exploitation

When Religious Leaders Fall

What do we do when a highly regarded and much loved spiritual leader falls? Specifically, when they are shown to have used their power and position to sexually, physically or spiritually abuse children and young people, men and women. This is a major issue for faith groups learning to handle

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The journey of restoration from child abuse

This is a guest post by Robert Lightowler from Courageous Exchange I cried when I watched the documentary. The BBC recently aired two documentaries about the sexual exploitation of young men by a bishop and by other priests called “Exposed: The Churches Darkest Secret” I cried because the abuse was

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Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation Luton FACES

New Project Coordinator Role at FACES

Do you thrive in faith-based work and have a passion for protecting young people? We’re looking for a Project Coordinator to join our team in Luton tackling complex safeguarding issues. The right person will work on a part-time basis and support our youth and training projects as well as our

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The Church’s Darkest Secret

Over the past two evenings BBC2 has broadcast a documentary on the sexual exploitation of young men by a senior church leader and a wider circle of priests. “Exposed: The Church’s Darkest Secret” tells how from the 1970s through until at least the 1990s a number of young men were

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faces conference 2019

Looking back at 2019 and at the year ahead

We’ve had a truly exciting year, expanding our work in several ways and working with more people than ever. FACES started in 2016 as a call to action for local Christians and Muslims to work together and present a united voice against child sexual exploitation. We help build more resilient

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faiths against child sexual exploitation faces luton interfaith

Faith-based work in practice – #InterFaithWeek

At Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation, working collaboratively as Christians and Muslims is at the heart of our projects. FACES emerged from the positive interfaith and cross-community work happening in Luton; an effort of 10 local organisations including mosques, churches, Christian charities and Muslim charities. Representatives from the Luton Sunni

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Faiths against child sexual exploitation prejudice training

Training with FACES

Our training projects are aimed at people from faith communities and those working with them, helping practitioners, parents and families improve their own and their organisation’s engagement around safeguarding-related issues. Throughout September we’ve delivered training to 85 people at 5 different locations across Luton. We work to create accessible, inclusive

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free nspcc faces online training

Online Training – Funded Places Available

As part of our Near Neighbours funded project we are running sessions across Luton for parents, guardians and people who work with children and young people to complete the NSPCC’s ‘Keeping children safe online’ online training. This usual cost of the course is £35, and we are able to provide

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complex social issues human learning systems

Dealing with Complex Social Challenges

This year we have been supported massively by the Tudor Trust, and back in June I attended a stimulating day devoted to complex social challenges that was hosted by the Tudor Trust and led by Toby Lowe from Northumbria University. The main premise of the day is in essence very

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Faiths against child sexual exploitation FACES Luton

Interfaith without compromise

The way we work and relate to each other as members of the FACES team has become very natural! Addressing the horrors of sexual exploitation and challenging preconceptions based on racial and religious stereotypes and deeply established patterns of behaviour and thinking, while seeking to honour each other as deeply

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FACES Luton child sexual exploitation, abuse, safeguarding conference

The Faces We Fail to See – FACES Conference

“The things you talked about make such sense but I had never thought about them in this way. Excited about sharing with colleagues.” “It was uncomfortable at times but in a good way. It has given me much food for thought. Thank you FACES!” Our 2019 conference brought together people

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invitation to brave space lets talk about racism

“Invitation to Brave Space” – Let’s talk about racism

I recently wrote in response to the Quilliam Foundation’s report on child sexual exploitation (CSE). I asserted then, as I continue to do so, that to racialise both victims and perpetrators of CSE is damaging and exposes all our children and young people to harm. I mentioned an encounter I

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Shamima Begum: Children, Grooming and Consent

This week, the Times published an article which documented the story of Shamima Begum, one of the three 15-year-old girls from Britain who travelled together to Syria around 4 years ago. The journalist, Anthony Loyd, had traced Shamima to a refugee camp in Syria. Heavily pregnant at the time of

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forgiveness in the context of abuse

Forgiveness in the Context of Abuse

Child abuse is an issue in just about every community, it would seem no-one can be complacent even faith communities, even Christian faith communities to which I belong. Everyone is aware of the highly publicised cases of child sexual exploitation (CSE) that have involved Muslim perpetrators, and Christian perpetrators. These

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gillette #metoo advert

The Best Men Can Be. Can We Have a Conversation?

A recent advert by Gillette highlighted a range of issues that have been receiving increasingly widespread attention. The ad has been met with both praise and criticism by men and women from across different social and religious representations. It includes video footage of media coverage of the #MeToo movement that

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Whose Job is it to Make the Woods Safe?

We have a CD in our car, that my five-year-old requests over and over again. It’s a series of fairy-tales, and we’ve listened to them so often now that I’m getting pretty good at telling them myself – accents included. They’ve created some fun conversation about who is ‘good’, and

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Surviving R. Kelly and the music industry

Surviving R. Kelly and the music industry: Where were the parents?

The recent airing of Surviving R. Kelly, a docuseries giving spotlight to alleged victims and witnesses of multiple cases of sexual abuse committed by producer and singer R. Kelly, has reignited an ongoing conversation about how girls are exploited in the music industry. Although the allegations against the self-proclaimed ‘Pied Piper’

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I am a church leader in his 60s who is continually understanding how much he still must learn. Over the last few years I have discovered lots about prejudice, especially my own. I have become aware that our prejudices impact how we view everything, including CSE. Judgements about young victims on the basis

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faith community response to CSE

2019: Ambition and Sustainability

As we move into 2019 we’re excited and hopeful about the work we have planned and how it builds on what we’ve achieved in the past two and a half years. You can read more about us and our members through our website and follow the blog for regular updates.

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FACES in Luton: Creating a constructive approach to challenging Child Sexual Exploitation in all its forms

Recently  my friend and colleague Rehana Faisal in a post ‘Name it. Shame it. Protect the children’ strongly critiqued the approach taken by Qulliam Foundation’s report “Group-Based Child Sexual Exploitation: Dissecting “Grooming Gangs”, and especially the recent attempts at defence of that report by the organisation’s chair, Maajid Nawaz. She joins

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Luton Mosque raises money to tackle child sexual exploitation

Local UK Islamic Mission mosque, Madina Masjid, recently welcomed FACES member Sujel Miah to talk about our work addressing child sexual exploitation in Luton. Sujel represents Luton Council of Mosques on the FACES working group and has been instrumental in supporting our engagement work and conferences. He spoke at both

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‘Name it. Shame it. Protect the children’

Maajid Nawaz, self-styled Islamic ‘reformer’ and founder of the Quilliam Foundation recently tweeted: […] Yet more ‘grooming gang’ (racially aggravated gang rape) convictions. Once again, all convicted are of my own heritage: British Pakistani Muslim. And there are more to come. Enough with the denial. Name it. Shame it. Protect

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Statement on Huddersfield arrests

Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation Luton (FACES Luton) is deeply saddened to hear the story coming from Huddersfield involving the arrest of 31 people for offences including the rape and trafficking of five young victims. FACES Luton is a coalition of Muslims and Christians in the town that came together

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#FACEit Update

Over 100 people attended our #FACEit Conference on 15th March and we would like to thank everybody who was involved. Members from local faith groups, businesses, the council, police, schools, as well as charities such as the Children’s Society and Barnardos, were represented. BBC Three Counties Radio covered the event

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faces luton

#FACEit Conference

FACES are pleased to announce our upcoming conference, headlined “#FACEit.” The aim of this conference is to raise awareness about our recent work, inform participants about the realities of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Luton and invite partnerships that will help develop and mobilise our aims. We have an exciting

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New definition and guidance

In February, the Department for Education released an updated definition of child sexual exploitation (CSE) with guidance for professionals. The University of Bedfordshire was commissioned to write the guidance that accompanies the statutory definition, and you can read it here. The new definition is as follows: Child sexual exploitation is

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Launching FACES

On July 20 2016 a group of Christians and Muslims in Luton launched FACES – Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation. It was the first milestone in a journey where a group of us had come together to engage with one of the great scourges of our society, the sexual abuse of

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